Coworking in Tenerife

Coworking in Tenerife ? Welcome to Tenerife Coworking. Here you can find information about our collaborative workspace that we have created for you. A nearly perfect spot because of it’s situation in the middle of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Located in the street Calle Ramón y Cajal number 47 as you can see in our contact page in this website.

coworking in tenerife

In the gallery you can see pictures of the shared space. Open floor concept for work, and private conference room, like the meeting room including chalkboard and whiteboard, HDTV screen with professional video-conference cam available for up to 8 participants, presentations with Google Chromecast and Apple TV for your convenience.

Maybe you can enjoy the rest area at the co-working reception. The symmetric internet broadband optical fibre connection speed is up to 1000mb for download and 1000mb for uploads with Ethernet, WiFi and WiFi Plus. The WiFi+ is covering the 100% of the area.

A comfortable and beautiful mini-bar (office) with coffee makers, cold water dispenser, electric tea maker (kettle), fridge and microwave oven make it easy for you in the relax moments, plus you have all the tools you need to enjoy your meal and beverages for you and your visits in the long working journeys. Especially relevant, you may access Tenerife Coworking 24/7 all year round.

Details and facilities

If you are thinking of a place for your workshops, meet-ups, seminars, webinars, showrooms, talks, conferences… the answer is YES, there are ways available for you too. In our services web page you may find some of Tenerife Coworking options and pricing. We are always open to suggestions, if you feel something is missing in our offer. We invite you to join us in our social networks, the icons are at the footer of this page. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). There you may be in touch with our activities and know what others or our coworkers are thinking. We wait for your suggestions and to answer any doubts without compromise if you are still thinking why this will be your next co-working space… 🙂